Bottle Bag – the trendy way to protect your glass bottle

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Protect Thermo to go Bottles and other bottles with a Bottle Cover

Advantages of the bottle bag for every day

A thermo mug or tea infuser should preferably be transported in a suitable bottle case. Because a bottle case fulfils several purposes at the same time: Priority is given to protecting its bottle model from unsightly scratches during transport in a backpack or bag. This is especially recommended for models with an outer wall made of bamboo or stainless steel, as scratches dampen the new look. Lighter shocks can also be cushioned with a suitable bottle casing, for example made of cork. This increases the longevity of glass bottles, so that you can enjoy your beautiful piece for longer. In addition, a bottle cover helps you to insulate the contents of the drink a little better. With a bottle cover for thermo bottles, fresh tea stays hot a little longer. You can also use the bottle cover to improve handling: The rough surface is easy to hold in the hand.

The Bottle Cover is an eye-catcher – like the bottle itself

You can choose between different designs for the bottle cover. Many are visually reminiscent of the design of the bottles. Some bottle covers, for example, have a charming silkscreen print, which you will enjoy for a long time. This way you can protect your bottle with a matching bottle cover without risking a break in style. The coordinated designs are also made clear by the choice of colours: as the environment plays an important role in the production of the models, natural tones are also primarily used for bottle shells. These include beige or orange tones that you can also discover in nature. The producers of the bottle covers consciously focus on dignified designs, but also on high quality and sustainability.

Bottle Bag in the style of nature

If the bottle is already deliberately selected from natural materials such as glass, stainless steel or bamboo, the selected bottle shell should also pollute the environment as little as possible. The preferred material for a natural bottle cover is cotton. The renewable raw material is often even certified organic, so you don’t have to worry about pollution. Incidentally, many manufacturers also rely on fair trade cotton and sewing work, which is carried out exclusively in Germany, for the production of the bottle cover. However, the high quality also requires special care: Hand washing is recommended so that the fine prints are not washed out and the forms are not warped. However, if you handle your model carefully, you will rarely have to wash the bottle cover.

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